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Leixen VV-898E read/write error

Added by Scouter Donn over 5 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Leixen VV-898E
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Hello Everyone
I am new the CHIRP forum and hope that someone out there can help us. I am just a HAM volunteer scout leader setting up several small ham bases in my camps and outposts and I bought several VV-898E radios, many are great but 2 are dead and I am not getting any support from the seller or emailing Leixen direct after a month. First I bought the 898E thinking the hi-med-lo power was a nice option verse just hi-lo but I thought this was 200 channel one bank radio but what I have is a two bank radio. So as I mentioned one radio is dead, once powered up it just displays 22.9vdc and no buttons work. The factory software says either the port is busy or the radio refused to communicate, yet CHIRP can read and write however the radio still only displays the voltage? Anyone know any tips or tricks? We looked high and low on the internet with no luck. We opened the radio and pulled the CR2032 thinking the radio would lose all programming and default to factor setting but no luck. So if anyone would like to help the boggled ham scouter I would love to hear from you in this forum or email direct: many thanks for this forum.

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Sorry for the late response.
You should add a debug log as described in the Wiki: How To Report Issues. Thanks!

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