Bug #5073

UV-3R Offset and Step incorrect

Added by Christopher Cancilla about 5 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:08/15/2017
Priority:Normal Due date:
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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:Baofeng UV-3R


WHen uploading tot he radio, the step for the offset is not english, I mean there areletter, sorta, but you cannot read them until you spin the knob.

As for the Offset, if you set it to .6MHz, on the screen in CHIRP; it transfers to the radio as 60.00MHz.

If you need more information, let me know.

I am running:

CHIRP daily-20170714,
GTK 2.24.10
PyGTK 2.24.0
Python 2.7.10


Chris Cancilla, W4CEC
678-371-5031 cell

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duplicates Bug #4635: Baofeng UV-3R Plus Repeater Offset Error Feedback 03/16/2017


Updated by Richard Menedetter over 4 years ago

This ticket is a duplicate of Bug #4635

Updated by Bernhard Hailer over 2 years ago

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  • Target version set to chirp-daily
  • Chirp Version changed from 0.4.0 to daily
  • Model affected changed from (All models) to Baofeng UV-3R

Duplicates #4635. Please leave further feedback there. Thanks!

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