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Baofeng BF-230 pro

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This is the upgraded version of the BF 888s. Ads say it will communicate with the BF888s which there are several here where I work. I can get the download from the BF888s no problems, but not the BF230s. Both 230s say the radio is not responding. I checked to see the cable was fully seated. I don't know if there is a certain procedure to get it to program. It seems weird that Both models advertise the same family and they should communicate with each other; But the 230s have a little better range and clarity. Any advice?


Updated by Marcus Bittle almost 2 years ago

I'm having this issue also

Updated by Ron Boisvert almost 2 years ago

Seems as if this is not as important as it is to me.
no attempts to respond other than you. So I guess they are boat anchors. No don't weigh enough, or cost enough. Lesson learned , Waisted money.

Updated by Marcus Bittle almost 2 years ago

What operating system and programming cord are you using?

I have been researching this issues for a few weeks now.

Updated by Ron Boisvert almost 2 years ago

Windows 10 professional version 1803, EZsync 701 programming cord, no driver needed.

Updated by Marcus Bittle almost 2 years ago

Same here, also tried a cheap knock off cable and on windows 8. With my uv-100 I set it as uv-3r and it works fine. With the bf230 it just doesn't ack first command. On the bf230 I tried bf888 and it doesnt respond. I've seen videos of people changing stuff and it working but it hasn't helped me. Ive tried chirp and other software from baofeng. I'm going to try it with my windows x
p soon and see if it works there.

Updated by Marcus Bittle over 1 year ago

I'm not sure if your still trying to program this but I found out how to today. I used the bf-480 pro software and it works ok. When reading from or writing to the radio it does fail some but it will work after you retry. Here's the link for the software.

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