Bug #5983

QYT 7900D/Radioddity QB25

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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Platform:MacOS
Model affected:QYT 7900D, Radioddity QB25


I recently received both a QYT7900D and a Radioddity QB25 as gifts and tried to program them using CHIRP. As with other users on the forum, at first the only thing that came up were the Bluetooth ports, but after following the directions on the website, I got the Prolific chip to show up in a third USB port. The problem now is that importing or uploading to the radio yields the same message that the radio will not enter clone mode. The cable does not have a name on it, so I don't know if it's a genuine or fake. However, it came with one of the radios, but I don't remember which one. CHIRP works perfectly with the Baofeng BF-F8HP HT that I was given. Start with a different new cable?

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Have you been able to resolve this on your own since you submitted this?
Have you tried with a recent version since you submitted this?

This could be a cable issue. Please refer to these Wiki articles:
CableGuide FTDI OEM Cables
RTSystemsCablesAndMavericks (if you're running MacOS)
If there's no solution to be found in any of them, please read: How To Report Issues and provide a debug log. Thank you!

MacOS: this OS is apparently very picky about USB to Serial cables. From what I heard, only (genuine) FTDI-based cables can be made work.
You must have the KK7DS Python runtime for Mac OSX installed.

By the way, this would have been a perfect question for the mailing list. :-)

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