Feature #6615

A driver should be allowed to force a channel to be receive-only

Added by Daniel Clemmensen almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Many radios allow receive on frequency ranges that they refuse to transmit on. CHIRP currently has no way to indicate this.
in discussion with Dan Smith, the simplest way to implement this is for the driver to set the "duplex" field to "off" when the user enters anything that leads to an invalid TX frequency on the channel. RadioFeatures.valid_bands will continue to describe the valid RX bands and the UI will continue to enforce these bands for both TX and RX. duplex=="off" will be an additional restriction.

To support this, the automated test system module "run_tests.py" must be modified to treat a response of duplex == "off" as a legal response in all cases, even when the test case would otherwise expect another value.

This issue tracks only the change to run_tests. Driver changes can be made as desired after this change takes effect and can be handled as separate issues.

Associated revisions

Revision 3215:7a03f1cb10bd
Added by Daniel Clemmensen almost 3 years ago

[run_tests] allow force to receive-only [#6615]
Fixes: #6615

Revision 3216:d227b2e77398
Added by Dan Smith almost 3 years ago

[run_tests] Add a clarifying comment about duplex==off handling in compare_mem

Related to #6615


Updated by Daniel Clemmensen almost 3 years ago

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Applied in changeset 7a03f1cb10bd.

Updated by Daniel Clemmensen almost 3 years ago

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Reopening bug to add the need for a change to memedit.py. When the user tries to set duplex to "off" it gets set back to "" before the driver's validate_memory method is called, so the driver cannot tell that the user wanted a RO channel.

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