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01:09 am CHIRP Feature #6615 (Closed): A driver should be allowed to force a channel to be receive-only
Applied in changeset commit:7a03f1cb10bd.


12:27 pm CHIRP Bug #6677 (In Progress): ft-65
Another user privately reported that if you enter a channel using the radio keys, the duplex mode defaults to "auto" ...


09:47 pm CHIRP Bug #6677: ft-65
Which daily version are you using? An early version had some bugs in the CTCSS handling. Please download the latest, ...


09:00 pm CHIRP Bug #6661: Cannot connect to btech uv 5x3 radio
Ignore this comment it had incorrect information


07:05 pm CHIRP Wiki edit: InformationForVendors (#9)
update the number of radios suppported


09:44 pm CHIRP Wiki edit: FAQ (#44)
Clarify. Not all Yaesus are the same.
08:46 am CHIRP Feature #6651 (Closed): Allow RO frequencies on FT-4/FT-65
The driver will not currently allow a frequency to be configured unless the radio can transmit it. CHIRP should permi...


07:51 pm CHIRP Bug #6643: Can Yaesu FT-25 be supported?
I can add FT-25 support if I can borrow an FT-25 from someone, or if someone will perform a few simple tests for me. ...


09:38 am CHIRP Feature #6615 (In Progress): A driver should be allowed to force a channel to be receive-only
Reopening bug to add the need for a change to memedit.py. When the user tries to set duplex to "off" it gets set bac...


06:21 pm CHIRP Bug #6583 (Closed): FT-4 lacks "channel" support to programmable keys

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