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keypad/menu changes will not take after programming with PC/Chirp. Baofeng UV-5RTP and BF-F9V2+ affected.

Added by Brian Budlong over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Baofeng UV-5RTP and BF-F9V2+
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As mentioned above, I'm unable to get a "permanent" change to settings on the above radios, particularly when changing CTCSS on the fly (Menu items 11 and 13). If I make the changes from the keypad (and hear "confirmed"), pressing any key afterwards discards those changes. If, after making the changes, the menu mode is allowed to "time out" and return to normal mode, those changes are retained until the channel is changed or you re-enter Menu mode. In other words, saving the changes doesn't take, permanently, from the keypad. After initially programming about 12 different radios, 9 UV-5RTPs and 3 BF-F9V2+, +all but three+ exhibited this behavior. These 9 radios didn't function and accept changes as the manuals suggest (while the others were working correctly). Of those 9 that weren't working as expected, these were re-flashed with their original factory programming, and additional attempts to upload the custom programs was re-attempted - with about 6 of those radios now working correctly. The remaining radios (1 BF-F9v2+ and 2 UV-5RTPs) still retain this errant behaviour, even after several attempts to reprogram them with slight changes in method. All other aspects of channel programming appear to have uploaded correctly.

I've been unable to find any references in the manuals that hint this to be anything near normal behaviour.

This behaviour was present whether the radio menu was entered from VFO or MR mode (a suggestion I noted in another similar bug report), in either case (ie, VFO or MR mode) the programming via keyboard (at least on the described functions) wouldn't take. Additional, when this behaviour was observed, the power setting within the menu would also fail to accept a 'permanent' change, while a temporary change (toggling the # key) worked as it should.

Comparisons between the settings of the factory img vs the custom img (built off the factory imgs) revealed no differences that appeared significant.

The BF-F9V2+ radios were purchased in 2016. The UV-5RTPs were all purchased in April 2019 (different vendors, but same firmware).

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Updated by Jim Unroe over 4 years ago

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No matter what programming software (or even programmed from the keypad) it is not possible to permanently make changes to a programmed memory of these radios on-the-fly. That is how they work.

From MR (channel) mode the best you can do is tap the [#] key to temporarily change the power level or tap the [*] key to toggle reverse mode swapping the RX and TX frequencies.

From VFO (frequency) mode the only parameters of a programmed memory is the TX frequency and either the TX DCS code or the TX CTCSS tone.

To change any other parameter of a programmed memory requires that you erase the memory and program it back in VFO mode the way you normally program channels from VFO mode.

If you want a Baofeng like radio that allows you to program a memory channel's parameters on-the-fly you would need to get a Baofeng Tech (the radio manufacturer in the USA) BTech UV-5X3 tri-band handheld.


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Updated by Jim Unroe over 4 years ago

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After some off-line discussion with Brian, I have decided to re-open this issue.



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