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BF-888 - try the file called ZT-V68.zip that is on the CD with the Prolific Cable

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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:BF-888s


There is a file called ZT-V68.zip on the little CD that comes with the Prolific cable. Unzip ZT-V68.zip into a folder and install it and it will put an icon on your desktop (it's safe, I've scanned it).

1-First of all, use Chirp to upload an English image into a Chinese radio that speaks Chinese.
2-Load ZT-V68, match the comport and hit Program to read from radio. It will say Reading Completed, hit OK.
3-Then hit Edit then Function Setting. Change language to English and hit OK.
4-Go to Program and write the image to the radio, hit OK then Cancel.
5-Close the ZT-v68 program.
6-Go to File and select Save AS. Save the image to an empty folder and name it something you will remember.
7-It will then speak in English. Even if you load any Chinese speaking images afterwards, when you go back to this image it will always speak in English.
8-I have spend the last several hours doing this and testing Chinese speaking images in between this image.
9-It only takes a few minutes to do, but it's better than sending them back and probably getting another Chinese radio.
10-I read several articles that said Baofeng, BF-888, UV-5R and others have been swamped with cheap Chinese clones. Lots of people are sending them back.

I am not a programmer, but if the ZT file can change an image to English, there should be a way to do it in Chirp. (not criticizing the programmers).

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duplicates Bug #6795: BF-888 - try the file called ZT-V68.zip that is on the CD... Rejected 05/16/2019


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