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TYT UV8000E stepping

Added by Phil Buescher over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Thanks so much for getting the UV8000E supported. It works well. I was very happy as I just got this radio and chirp supports it now as of what, last week? Awesome timing. I made sure to mention in my Amazon review that this radio has support now, since many reviews said chirp doesn't work yet.
Cross band repeat enable works and everything.

Now the bug...
Using today's build, 20190713, I get "Error setting memory: Tuning step 12.50 not supported Frequency requires 12.50kHz step" on some channels, such as the first 14 FRS channels.
If I save the frequency into a channel memory on the radio (works fine) and download to chirp, it says "ERROR" for that channel memory slot in chirp.
The radio is set to 12.5kHz stepping.

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I will be checking this issue...

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Updated by Phil Buescher over 3 years ago

Awesome. Small update. As a troubleshooting step, I programmed in FRS/GMRS 1 into the radio manually. 462.562500 which on the radio allows 462.562 of course. Works fine in radio. I downloaded to chirp and it showed "ERROR" on that channel.
I programmed in all the first 14 FRS/GMRS channels directly in the radio (super tedious with this radio) and every one, once downloaded into chirp, looked fine. But if I tried to so much as change the name on some of them, I'd get the original message about 12.5kHz required, chirp refreshes the page and all changes are gone.

There's one other station that errored with the 12.5kHz error message on trying to copy+paste between my old radio and this UV8000E. 452.037500 (my town's school busses. I like to monitor). Just that one and the first 14 FRS/GMRS channels errored.

If that helps.

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