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Luthor TLM-909 (TYT TH-9800 clone with slightly different ID sequence)

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I have just purchased a Luthor TLM-909 which seems to be a Spanish rebrand of the TYT-9800. I have tried reading it using chirp but with no success. After downloading the original software I captured the _identify sequence and it seems to be equal to that of the TYT BUT with a couple of changed commands (the replies are exactly the same).

The changed commands are:
\x02PROGRA --> \.x02EXBPRO (reply from the radio is the same, 'A').
M\0x02 --> G\0x02

I have tried changing these 2 commands on my local instalation of the latest build of chirp and it works. I have been able to read the radio and then program it back with my selection of memories from my local repeaters.

I am totally new to this software so please bear with me if this is not the correct way to report how to make a new radio work and I would knot know how to generalise the TYT TH-9900 driver to support the TLM-909 with just those two small changes. Please find also attached a serial dump from the original software reading the radio.


SesionLuthor2.txt (48.7 kB) Iratxo Pichel, 10/14/2019 03:09 pm


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