Bug #7385

Baofeng UV-5R - CHIRP fails to connect using Ubuntu 18 LTS & Prolific USB cable

Added by Olof TÃ¥ngrot 4 months ago.

Status:New Start date:11/30/2019
Priority:Normal Due date:
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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:BAOFENG UV-5R. Retevis RT5


Latest daily build for Debian/Ubuntu is used, latest Windows build is used (2019-11-30)

The radio seem to have firmware BFB307 (BFB297 shown on btn 3 pwr on).
Operating procedure on Ubuntu:
After selecting the correct USB unit and starting down loading from the radio nothing happens.
No download dialogue, error message or any activity on the radio device.

On my Windows 10 machine using the same cable and radio device the following happens.
1) Radio is turned on, PTT becomes activated by the cable -> radio device in TX mode.
2) Download is commenced using CHIRP OK dialogue button. PTT becomes released -> TX mode ends.
3) Download dialogue is shown -> No activity on the radio device
4) Download times out with error dialog about non responsive device or is cancelled using dialogue button. -> Radio device remains in passive RX mode.
5) New download attempt using CHIRP, down load dialogue is shown -> Radio device indicator flashes red.
6) Download dialogue progress bar increments.
7) Download completes. -> Radio device remains in passive RX mode.
8) After a few seconds the radio reboots and after some more time TX mode.

If I change operating procedure and starts the radio device just before the download is started on the Windows machine; the down load starts directly after 'OK'
but that does not work using ubuntu. Using Gtkterm a "BREAK" seems to activate PTT on the radio. So somehow it seems like the Linux/Ununtu version
fails to make the radio enter programming mode but also seem to assert from the download at that point. Possibly this is related to failing to send "BREAK" on the serial device.

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