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Yaesu FT-1900
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I find your reply belittling:-

You assume I did not do this and that you recommending that I go to another suppier is astounding!

Your response:-
"I had this issue a few times, best thing I can say is the cable driver needs refreshed. try unplugging cable then uninstall / reinstall the driver for the cable.
Also watch your timming while accessing the commands for the radio>computer. You have to hit the V/M after selecting to continue however you have to hit LOW first than to write.
If these two dont work than I would suggest reinstalling Chirp or getting the software from the G4HFQ Site. 73."

My response:-

Your not interested in an old radio problem.

The issue is NOT my cable or drivers or My PC ot my OS. The issue is with your software!

My program will read the ack(hex 06) and TX the memory dump!

I can supply the memory offset(Flags, channels)) if required.

I raised this originally probably 2 years ago and the next release did fix it but susequent releses failed!

Don't trest your users as idiots!

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