Bug #7919

Yaesu FT-3DR

Added by Roger Pakulski over 1 year ago. Updated 12 months ago.

Status:Feedback Start date:05/27/2020
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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:Yaesu FT-3DR


The CHIRP program for the FT-3DR looks like it works and loads to the radio. When you create a export file, that file will not load to the Yaesu provided program for the FT-3DR radio. I did a field comparison and looks like MODE is missing. This may be the problem but not sure?? I was trying to load the file to ADAMS-11, which Yaesu supplies for the FT-3DR. All I get is errors.

Also, I was trying to copy files from my FT-1DR, which I have always used CHIRP, to copy/paste into the FT-3DR. I was not able to do that. Now I did find out that the CHIRP export file does import to ADAMS-6 just fine so that works!!

I just purchased the FT-3DR and was trying to copy my FT-1DR files to the FT-3 without having to type all the channels back in.


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Hi Roger, thanks for the bug report, we'll keep this open until someone can check it.
As for your problem of transfering FT1D radio data to the FT3D: you can do that with Chirp.
This is how I think it works:
  • Get a download from your FT1D. Save it as a regular FT1D image.
  • Now connect your FT3D. Download from it.
  • Import the FT1D image you saved before,
  • and upload the result into your FT3D.

Updated by Rene Castillo 12 months ago

My issue is related to the same radio (Yaesu FT3D) but not to the same topic.
I downloaded and installed the FT3 ADMS 11 files and the SCU 19 PC Connection Cable Driver to my laptop.
When I attempted to download from the radio, the message said:
An error has occurred.
could not open port: [Error 3] The system cannot find the path specified.
Any help is appreciated.

Updated by Bernhard Hailer 12 months ago


but not to the same topic.

Please don't start new topics within an existing ticket. Either open a new one, or (and that would be better in your case) post your question on the mailing list.

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