Bug #9399

opening a file from the 'Recent Files' menu results in a recursive call to update_recent_files(..)

Added by Kosta A. about 1 month ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
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The following console spew is being emited by Gtk each time a file is opened from the Recent Files menu.

chirpw:153: Warning: gsignal.c:2964: invalid object type `
chirpw:153: Warning: g_value_type_compatible: assertion `G_TYPE_IS_VALUE (src_type)' failed

This is a result of a call being made from within a menu action gtk event, removing the menu action. I suspect this results in some sort internal failure of gtk and the consequences are unknown.

Currently, the call to do_open(..) updates the recent_file list by calling record_recent_file(..) which subsequently modifies the recent_file list and calls update_recent_files(..) to regenerate the action menu items by the old_action and creating a new one. The issue is that the old_action is still executing.

The proposed solution is to only update the submenu of Recent Files menu action when it is activated. thus decoupling the act of update the recent_files list and showing the UI.

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Revision 3580:c22789aeac4a
Added by Kosta A. about 1 month ago

  1. Parent 5aa2294d78ea241c6573dcf1929475b072e73685
    Prevent re-entrant calls to 'update_recent_files' when opening a file from the 'Recent Files' menu action. Fixes #9399.

Gtk was failing on this and was sending an error message to the console.

Revision 3584:d75c87605ad9
Added by Dan Smith about 1 month ago

Fix style issues in fix for #9399.


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Patch sent to dev mailing list.

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