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10:43 PM CHIRP Revision 86bcdba2 (github): Adds IC-V86 test image and fix failing tests.
Kosta A.


01:48 AM CHIRP Revision d1a87f11 (github): Modified icomciv probe_model to use directory based driver search pattern. #4547
(cherry picked from commit 13f685de20e0905d301163aa18a0f91b9b1c41e0) Kosta A.
01:22 AM CHIRP Revision 4a885d73 (github): # Parent 5aa2294d78ea241c6573dcf1929475b072e73685
Minor UI tweak, do not show empty header in tree view column. Fixes #9397. Kosta A.
01:21 AM CHIRP Revision 71f7a3a2 (github): # Parent d156d3a46b7e6cbce985dc14186f0e07b5d3016b
Prevent memory editor from always loading last memory in memory range twice. Fixes #9401 Kosta A.
01:19 AM CHIRP Revision 711a72d5 (github): # Parent 5aa2294d78ea241c6573dcf1929475b072e73685
Prevent re-entrant calls to 'update_recent_files' when opening a file from the 'Recent Files' menu action. Fixes #939... Kosta A.


07:22 PM CHIRP Bug #9401 (Closed): Memory editor reads last memory twice
Applied in changeset commit:18c79677e9e2. Kosta A.
07:22 PM CHIRP Bug #9397 (Closed): Minor UI Tweak to remove unused whitespace
Applied in changeset commit:4be5f40a58ba. Kosta A.
07:22 PM CHIRP Bug #9399 (Closed): opening a file from the 'Recent Files' menu results in a recursive call to update_recent_files(..)
Applied in changeset commit:c22789aeac4a. Kosta A.
12:57 AM CHIRP Revision 00a9a86f (github): Supress console spew from python-future warning in non-debug builds.
Kosta A.


11:57 PM CHIRP Bug #9401 (Resolved): Memory editor reads last memory twice
In the orginal description i described the issue as pertaining to special memories, this is technically not accurate,... Kosta A.

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