Bug #9753

Crashes on MacOS/M1

Added by Andrew Pennebaker 6 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

Status:Closed Start date:02/17/2022
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Chirp Version:daily Platform:MacOS
Model affected:Stability


When I try to launch CHIRP, it always crashes. Instead of the CHIRP GUI, I see a generic Apple crash report prompt.

CHIRP version 20220214 from Homebrew.

macOS 12.2.1

14" 2021 MacBook Pro (Apple M1 ARM processor)

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duplicates Bug #8639: Mac M1 Chip Closed 01/02/2021


Updated by Andrew Pennebaker 6 months ago

Tried both the stable Homebrew CHIRP release, as well as the manual unified daily release. Same problem. The CHIRP app always crashes on Apple M1 ARM processors.

Please compile a native ARM release for newer Mac users.

Updated by Bernhard Hailer 5 months ago

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Stere are several other open and closed tickets with this topic. Please research and let us know when it helped you.

Updated by Bernhard Hailer 5 months ago

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Duplicates #8639. Please follow and comment there; it also offers a solution.

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