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Baofeng UV-82 Plus Upper/Lower Case Not Available.

Added by Brian M. Verner 19 days ago. Updated 1 day ago.

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When using the Baofeng UV-82 PLUS model, I am unable to input lower case letters into the Alpha Tags when choosing the UV-82HP model. It does seem that all other functions work correctly. I can however select the UV-82 model which will allow me to save the Alpha Tags in UPPER/lower case letters. The problem when selecting the UV-82 model is that I am unable to select from the 3 available power levels: High/Medium/Low. (68.1 kB) Jim Unroe, 06/21/2022 12:22 am

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Revision 3701:a99636725dba
Added by Jim Unroe 1 day ago

[UV-82HP] Add support for lower case channel names

This patch adds the ability to use lower case letters when editing channel
names/alpha tags of a Baofeng UV-82HP radio (and its variants).

fixes #9910


Updated by Brian M. Verner 13 days ago

Additional note, the link to the model is here:

Updated by Jim Unroe 13 days ago

Yep. It somehow got overlooked. Try the attached test driver module to see if that takes care if it for you. Here is how you use it...

1. Save the attached test driver module file ( file to a convenient location

Note: Do not right-click the link to download. Left-click and then click the "download" link on the page that loaded.

2. Load CHIRP
3. Enable "Enable Developer Functions" in the "Help" menu
4. Click "Load Module" in the "File" menu
5. Locate and load the file that was saved in step 1

The CHIRP background should now be red to indicate that CHIRP is running with an externally loaded driver module. Test editing "alpha tags" with UPPER/lower case names.

Note: An externally loaded driver module does not permanently change your CHIRP installation in any way. If you restart CHIRP, you will have to load the test driver module before you can edit lower case text.


Updated by Brian M. Verner 13 days ago

The test driver module does fix the issue. Thank you.

Updated by Jim Unroe 13 days ago

Brian M. Verner wrote:

The test driver module does fix the issue. Thank you.

Thank you for the quick test and feedback. I will try to remember to get a formal patch submitted tomorrow.


Updated by Jim Unroe 13 days ago

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Patch submitted. Support will be in the next CHIRP daily build following acceptance.


Updated by Anonymous 1 day ago

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Applied in changeset a99636725dba.

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