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09:48 pm CHIRP Bug #5853: Chirp crashes in set_dock_icon_pixbuf on launch on OS X
Hello! This was also reported to me as https://github.com/tdsmith/homebrew-ham/issues/10. It is associated with Homeb...


11:19 am CHIRP Bug #4593: Baofeng mobile and portables
Just noticed that you said
> Also, if I program a frequency while in VFO mode with duplex offset and save it to an...
11:17 am CHIRP Bug #4593 (Rejected): Baofeng mobile and portables
Oddly, this is how the radios are supposed to work, and isn't related to Chirp; you cannot change a programmed channe...


12:46 pm CHIRP Bug #4559 (Feedback): Yaesu VX-8DR programing issues
I'm not sure this is a Chirp issue unless you can transmit on those frequencies in direct entry mode. FRS and GMRS ar...


08:21 am CHIRP New Model #4549 (Rejected): Yaesu FTM-3200DR
08:21 am CHIRP New Model #4549: Yaesu FTM-3200DR
This radio is being tracked as #4279.


11:31 am CHIRP Bug #4479 (Closed): chirp-daily-20170126 is not launched in OS X Sierra
Closing as fixed.


08:06 pm CHIRP New Model #4015 (Rejected): ICOM IC-9100
05:26 pm CHIRP New Model #177: Quansheng TG-UV2
"Chris Hunter":http://chirp.danplanet.com/users/6387 has also offered to loan a radio.
05:23 pm CHIRP Bug #2711 (Closed): Hello i am new and i need alot of help (mac user)

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