Chris Baumbach

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02:15 pm CHIRP New Model #6067 (New): Retevis RT20
Please consider support for new Retevis RT20. Note this model has a USB-C connector and comes with what appears to be...


09:40 am CHIRP New Model #6003 (Closed): Retevis RT95 aka Anytone AT778UV
I'm happy to loan (ship) my RT95 if needed.


12:21 pm CHIRP New Model #5443: LEIXEN VV-898S 25W V1.08
I've been struggling with my VV-898 v1.08 all morning, was finally able to get CHIRP to work by doing the following:


03:37 pm CHIRP Bug #4577 (Feedback): WLN KD-C1: previous .img files are not recongnized. Download from radio rep...
The 20170222 build introduced this behavior. If I try to open a previously saved .img file for a WLN KD-C1 I get an e...

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