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04:44 am CHIRP Revision 2658:432300d60fae: [FT2900] Add support for settings. Fix #2867
This submission adds support for settings to the ft-2900/ft-1900 driver.
Special thanks to Chris Fosnight for getting...


01:33 am CHIRP Revision 2657:1c398653986f: [FT2900] Allow support of modded variant of FT-2900. Fix #3387
This adds a new registered radio class with appropriate IDBLOCK to
support a modified variant of FT-2900/FT-1900 for ...


09:57 pm CHIRP Bug #3387: FT-2900E, can't get past header
Thanks for your report.
I've just played with the driver a bit. I can make the driver be more accepting of altern...


05:52 pm CHIRP Revision 2655:1fe0e6277668: [FT2900] Add msg for attempt to upload to locked radio. Fixes #3055
A user may "lock" an FT-2900/FT-1900, preventing configuration changes.
An upload will fail if this is the case. Thi...


11:02 am CHIRP Bug #3055 (Closed): FT2900/FT-1900 Fails to upload when radio is locked, with unhelpful diagnostics.
The Yaesu FT-2900 radio has the ability to "lock" the configuration, preventing the user from changing anything unles...


03:42 am CHIRP Revision 2555:f9d1d08e7c99: [ft2900] Fix checksum calc for Euro version of FT-2900/FT-1900 (#2501)
This patch fixes the checksum calculation for the European versions
of the FT-2900/FT-1900 radio. The US and Euro ve...


04:20 am CHIRP Revision 2545:cd38cf8f4096: [ft2900] Support Euro version of FT-2900/FT-1900 (#2501)
This patch adds support for the Euro version of the FT-2900/FT-1900
radio, which uses a different header IDBLOCK than...


07:30 am CHIRP Bug #2501: Yaesu FT-1900r can not read header
Update: Dennis has e-mailed me the information from his debug.log, showing what his radio is returning as its header...
05:03 am CHIRP Revision 2544:135494ac7732: [ft2900] fix lockup issue (#2505)
This fixes an issue where memories entered via the Chirp UI and uploaded
to the radio could sometimes cause lockups i...


09:56 pm CHIRP Bug #2505 (Closed): FT-2900 split tones entered via CHIRP UI can cause lock-ups
If you enter a memory into a previously unoccupied memory via the CHIRP UI, and then upload that memory to the radio,...

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