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08:26 am CHIRP Bug #7631 (Closed): Baofeng UV-6R can't change welcome mesage or squelch values
As reported in messages 5217, 5247, and 5341, my UV-6R is unable to have its "Welcome" message changed and squelch se...


05:00 pm CHIRP Bug #5341: Baofeng UV-6R unable to detect model
Attaching image as instructed by Chirp when encountering the error message "unable to detect model" while loading a s...


05:18 pm CHIRP Bug #5341 (Closed): Baofeng UV-6R unable to detect model
I think I need to add this as a new model request, considering the issues I have had (see bug reports 5217 and 5247) ...


06:20 pm CHIRP Bug #5247 (New): Unable to change squelch setting in UV6R
UV6R, squelch settings are not able to be changed. After uploading new values to the radio, a subsequent download fr...


06:04 pm CHIRP Bug #5217 (Closed): Welcome message not able to be changed and radio image not recognized, UV-6R
New UV-6R and prior BFF8+ experience with Chirp for years. The new UV-6R is being used with the 20170714 version. O...

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