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09:39 am CHIRP Bug #3367: TYT TH-9800(B)
On my Mac I just right-click on the application and select "Show Package Contents" then browse to "Contents/Resources...


01:22 pm CHIRP Bug #3367: TYT TH-9800(B)
Simon, this worked! Any way we can get this included in future releases?
In modified for 220-260


11:24 pm CHIRP Bug #3367: TYT TH-9800(B)
I don't know if this helps. I found that if I program the radio with the TYT tool I can then use CHIRP to download fr...


09:22 am CHIRP New Model #1489 (Feedback): Wouxun KG-UV950P Quad Band
I would love to be able to use CHIRP on this new radio. I definitely would loan it out to help. Thanks!


04:12 pm CHIRP New Model #1333: Motorola HT1250
Ok, thanks for explaining that. Tom, I agree, I would never buy a motorola because of the "Motorola TAX" but someone...


09:20 pm CHIRP New Model #1333 (Rejected): Motorola HT1250
Motorola's CPS software is extremely confusing. I would love to see CHIRP support for these older radios. Can it be...

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