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10:07 am CHIRP Feature #6633 (Closed): CTCSS squelch on Anytone 5888
Re Anytone AT-5888UV
Problem: I have the CTCSS set to filter and block unwanted signals for many of my channels. ...


04:47 pm CHIRP Bug #1609 (Feedback): Copying from one list to another
New problem with 0.4.0 and 20140428:
Formerly, I could have a list for my Baofeng and cut and past to my Anytone lis...


01:22 pm CHIRP Bug #1341 (Closed): AnyTone AT5888 aircraft frequencies
CHIRP will not allow the entry of aircraft frequencies; says "out of range". You can enter them into the radio. Exa...

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