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CTCSS squelch on Anytone 5888

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Re Anytone AT-5888UV

Problem: I have the CTCSS set to filter and block unwanted signals for many of my channels. To make this work, I must set Menu #16 (Squelch Mode Setup “SGN SQL”) to “CT/DCS”. However, each time I power the radio off and on, or when I change channels, Menu #16 resets to “SQ”. The “SQ” setting does not filter for CTCSS.

Question: How do I lock the menu #16 setting to stay on “CT/DCS”?

CHIRP is my normal method. I then used the OEM program to pull the image from the radio; but have not yet found any setting in the OEM program which might do the trick.

I have 4 of these radios and they all behave the same.

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related to Bug #2989: AT-5888UV Squelch Mode Setting Closed 11/09/2015
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Added by Brad Schuler over 1 year ago

[AnyTone 5888UV] Add simple squelch mode & additional file identifier and add extra channel attributes

Related to issues #1491, #2989, #3653, #6633 and #8407

(#1491, #2989, #3653, #6633)
Set the radio's squelch mode to CTCSS/DCS Tones instead of Carrier when the receive tone mode is set.
Recognize a file image from this radio when no metadata is present.

Add the following channel attributes
- Tuning steps
- Duplex: off
- Busy channel lockout
- Optional signal selection (DTMF, 2-tone, 5-tone)
- Reverse
- Compander
- Talkaround
- Squelch with optional signal
- Use custom CTCSS for Tx and/or Rx


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Related to issue #1491

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See #1491.

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