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03:10 pm CHIRP Bug #2225 (Feedback): Squelch mod related bug. Both BF-E500S and UV5R+Plus ignore new squelch set...
Tried the new mod (Thanks for that BTW.) on my BF-E500S and UV5R+Plus. With the PL off and on the same band neither r...


09:19 am CHIRP Feature #1435 (Rejected): Suggestion
A lot of people use their UV-5R's for disaster prep. Here it's earthquakes. If you could create one importa...


04:43 pm CHIRP New Model #1417 (Closed): BF-E500S
Please add this GT-3 variant to the supported list. It works fine with CHIRP.
UV5R-> GT-3 -> BF-E500S
Thank you.

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