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08:50 pm CHIRP Bug #9597: FT-2900R
using the same cable I tried to use on chirp
08:47 pm CHIRP Feature #9852: Windows 11
use win 8.1 in a virtual machine
08:33 pm CHIRP Bug #9597: FT-2900R
is there any way to listen to the serial port for the commands it receives via software or just physically by hardwar...
08:11 pm CHIRP Bug #9597: FT-2900R
and still not communicating with the radio


09:31 pm CHIRP Bug #9597: FT-2900R
ready in the 2 more failure modes if I use this program here
it read...


11:15 pm CHIRP Bug #9597: FT-2900R
Bernhard Hailer wrote:
> Could you please provide a debug log as described in the Wiki: "[[How To Report Issues]]"? ...


01:09 pm CHIRP Bug #9597 (Feedback): FT-2900R
comunication error
it is not reading but the FTB2900 program is communicating with the radio when I use the same cable
12:33 pm CHIRP Feature #9585: Win 10 no longer allows the old Prolific driver?


06:04 pm CHIRP New Model #2181: at5555 (RP-80 aquario pt-br)
is it available for testing?


09:55 am CHIRP New Model #2181: at5555 (RP-80 aquario pt-br)
it might look like the at-5555 program doesn't record to the rp-80

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