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Windows 11

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I can't seem to get CHIRP to work on windows 11 home. Is there a fix? Thanks Captain Bob

WIN11-CHIRP.png (190.2 kB) Jim Unroe, 05/04/2022 12:07 pm

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Updated by Jim Unroe 16 days ago

CHIRP runs fine on Windows 11. The attached screen captures are CHIRP reading from a radio and CHIRP writing to a radio all while running on Windows 11.


Updated by Captain Bob Edwards 16 days ago

Good morning Jim, I'm new to HAM and purchased both the Badfeng and TYT TH-9800D Plus units. So I'm not completely following you. I have a good understanding of computers but could you call me to explain. I'm in central Texas. 727-281-6283. Thanks Capt. Bob

Updated by Captain Bob Edwards 15 days ago

I'm getting an error that the radio is not responding. I works fine on windows 10 pro. Bob

Updated by Jim Unroe 14 days ago

Captain Bob Edwards wrote:

I'm getting an error that the radio is not responding. I works fine on windows 10 pro. Bob

The radio is not responding error usually has nothing to do with CHIRP. The most common cause reasons for this error are, 1) Windows has installed an incompatible device driver and 2) a incomplete connection between the programming cable and radio. For example, if you leave the radio end of programming cable unconnected with the radio and then attempt to download from the radio the result will be the radio did not respond error. Since your programming cable does work on you Win10 computer, I would assume the connection is OK and your issue is caused by the installed device driver.

If your programming cable has the PHASED OUT Prolific PL-2303HXA or PL-2303HTA chip and Windows 11 has installed the latest device driver, the device driver is designed to refuse to function with your programming cable. You would use the Windows Device Manager application to determine if this is the case (see 1-Device Manager.jpg). If this is the problem you have a few things you can do to work around the issue.

  1. You can program your radios using CHIRP running on a Linux operating system. The Prolific driver written for Linux is open source (not written by Prolific) and does not care if the chip has been deemed PHASED OUT by the chip vendor.
  2. You can purchase programming cables that are manufactured with the Prolific USB-to-Serial chip.
  3. You can replace the USB end of your programming cable containing the USB-to-Serial chip to one that contains a chip from a different chip vendor.
  4. You can download, installed and select the older Prolific v3.2.0.0 device driver that was available before the chips became PHASED OUT by the chip vendor.

For #3, visit this miklor.com page. which describes the process of modifying the programming cable to use a chip from a non-Prolific chip vendor.

For #4, visit this miklor.com page that describes the process of installing and selecting the older v3.2.0.0 device driver. Many of my more than 30 programming cables contain the PHASED OUT Prolific chip so this is what I have been doing since 2012 in order to be able to continue to use these programming cables.


Updated by Paulo Henrique 5 days ago

use win 8.1 in a virtual machine

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