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01:09 am CHIRP Feature #495 (Closed): PYTHON
Applied in changeset commit:6147365892e1.


09:03 pm CHIRP Bug #6499 (Feedback): TH-350 Settings
So it's high time to move this driver past the "kinda works" territory, and make sure all the settings work. Current ...


10:30 am CHIRP Bug #6485 (Closed): th350 incorrect memory count
Applied in changeset commit:387c2110f0d4.
04:00 am CHIRP Revision 3168:387c2110f0d4: [th350] Enable programming all 128 channels
Fixes #6485


02:06 am CHIRP Revision 3087:b522105293c8: [py3] bitwise.py: Always return a bytes-compatible object when asbyte...
This commit ensures that drivers that ask for bytes representations will always
get bytes or a bytes-compatible objec...
01:49 am CHIRP Revision 3095:ee99c5f78dff: [py3] th350.py: 2to3, with many manual fixes


06:44 am CHIRP Revision 3076:aa4dd87eb5d0: [py3] memedit.py: Convert power to str
06:43 am CHIRP Revision 3075:fdebb8acaf89: [py3] memmap.py: Fix slicing
06:42 am CHIRP Revision 3086:6f5c2af0b6f1: [py3] uvb5.py: Adapt for new Serial
05:49 am CHIRP Revision 3085:6147365892e1: [py3] uvb5.py: 2to3 with manual fixes

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