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02:43 PM CHIRP Bug #2783 (Feedback): Daily Build 20150702 doesn't recognize multiple comm ports in Win 7/64
The code CHIRP updated initialization of COM ports whose number in the operating system was greater than 9. Alexey K


07:50 AM CHIRP Revision 1401fd31 (github): [patch modified] doesn't recognize multiple comm ports in Win 7 - issue #2783
Description of the problem in the MSDN:
"To s...
Alexey K
12:57 AM CHIRP Bug #2907 (Closed): KYD IP-620 Detect FAILED
This bug fixed Alexey K


11:58 PM CHIRP New Model #2033 (Closed): KYD IP-620UV
The KYD IP-620UV is already supported. Alexey K


09:02 AM CHIRP Revision 815682cf (github): [KG-816] File SAVE/RELOAD difficulties KYD IP-620 to issue #2907
The "match_model" for the Wouxun KG-816 can mistakenly
match some KYD IP-620 image files.
Related to issue #2907
Alexey K
08:42 AM CHIRP Revision 7b144a36 (github): [KYD IP-620] Detect FAILED to issue #2907
Added method "match_model" as a driver without mistakenly matched to other radio Alexey K


11:53 PM CHIRP Bug #2907 (Closed): KYD IP-620 Detect FAILED
When you run the test CHIRP, there are errors in the detection img file and radio.
> Jetstream JT220M...
Alexey K
08:56 PM CHIRP Revision d7a2ee9a (github): [KYD IP-620] Add support for KYD IP-620 radio - issue #2033
Alexey K


02:18 PM CHIRP New Model #2033 (Closed): KYD IP-620UV
Requesting development of compatibility for the KYD IP-620UV
The included factory software is practically unuseable.
Alexey K

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