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03:29 pm CHIRP Bug #9941 (New): Yaesu FT-60 doesn't support DCS/PL Split
The Yaesu FT60 Supports a number of non listed (in chirp) formats - the formats ARE in chirp, but not available.


03:29 pm CHIRP Bug #9467 (New): Chirp doesn't support Split Tone (DCS / CTCSS) for Yaesu VX-3
The Yaesu VX-3 supports (in the native software and by hand programming) Split PL: A transmit DCS tone, ie 504, and a...


07:52 am CHIRP Bug #1491: AnyTone AT-5888UV tone squelch programming problem
Rick J wrote:
> Mine does the same thing.
Same here. Any chance we can get this looked at? Still a problem.


07:45 pm CHIRP Bug #2331 (Feedback): TYT TH-9800 won't import split tone frequencies.
The 9800 doesn't support split tones - where the PL tone for transmit is different than the PL tone for receive. Unfo...

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