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10:45 pm CHIRP Revision 3676:ff47263ec5a5: -- Descriptive changes only: (#18)
* -- Descriptive changes only:
- Added explanatory comments
- Extracted "magic numbers" into named constan...


05:35 pm CHIRP Feature #9561 (New): Anytone driver: Additional Option Settings
I have a PowerWerx DB-750X (Anytone driver). With it, I've researched several more settings than what curr...


04:21 am CHIRP Bug #4743: Powerwerx DB-750x
The Anytone driver has very little support for the settings, and it is completely disabled in the case of the DB-750X...


08:00 pm CHIRP Bug #7699 (Feedback): PowerWerx DB-750X tuning steps (patch attached)
The PowerWerx DB-750X supports tuning steps of 2.5 and 12.5, but the anytone driver currently specifies only the defa...

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