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03:33 am CHIRP Feature #8785: CRT Micron and other Anytone 778UV derivatives
Chirp supports "wide banded" 778UVs etc, however, chirp respects the band limits set by the radio. Only if you "wide...


02:32 pm CHIRP Feature #8447: AnyTone AT-778UV
Jim Unroe wrote:
> Joe, I figured out something I am happy with. But I would still be OK with seeing something that ...
08:27 am CHIRP Feature #8447: AnyTone AT-778UV
Jim Unroe wrote:
> Here is the Key Assignment tab which also includes the Function Setup tab. So as of right now, th...


12:24 pm CHIRP Feature #8447: AnyTone AT-778UV
Jim Unroe wrote:
> I am looking forward to your feedback.
Well, there's one obvious bug - stick your name up at t...
01:33 am CHIRP Feature #8447: AnyTone AT-778UV
Mike Verdecanna wrote:
> Thank you Joe. You are correct on the unexpected erasing other settings. It is not happen...


01:14 pm CHIRP Bug #8327 (Closed): AnyTone AT-778UV Program Import Error
Applied in changeset commit:a732abec78ad.
01:14 pm CHIRP New Model #8005 (Closed): Yedro Yc- M04vus = Retevis RT95 = Anytone AT778uv
Applied in changeset commit:1e4d8cbdbafe.


02:10 pm CHIRP Revision 3414:1e4d8cbdbafe: [AnyTone 778UV] Add support for Yedro YC-M04VUS, an AnyTone 778UV ali...
Thanks to Fernando Sclavo for making it work, I just copied and pasted.
08:38 am CHIRP Feature #8447: AnyTone AT-778UV
Hi Mike,
Afraid no one has got around to adding settings to this driver yet. I've a WIP version that can set the ...


08:51 pm CHIRP Revision 3412:a732abec78ad: [AnyTone 778UV] Fix DTCS support, closes #8327

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