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10:33 am CHIRP Feature #495: PYTHON
Just an FYI but chirp will likely be removed from Fedora as of F32 (currently working towards beta freeze) due to pyt...


06:06 am CHIRP Feature #5461: Python 3 support
Fedora is now actively moving away from Python 2 to Python 3. This has to be addressed at some point in the near future.


05:45 am CHIRP Feature #495: PYTHON
5 years later this is no longer the case. Fedora is actively working on transitioning to Python 3 to stay ahead of th...


12:48 pm CHIRP Feature #5175 (New): Add option to disable new version checking
New version checking is not helpful for linux repository based installs. Additionally, this software is included on l...


12:00 pm CHIRP New Model #3971: Alinco DR-635
It's fine to mark as duplicate with 313 but why has there been no response when there are at least two offers to loan...


02:12 pm CHIRP Feature #1515: Please add "changelog" in chirp-daily repository
How would one figure out which changes were included in a particular release? I'm know how to do that in git but not ...


05:55 pm CHIRP Bug #3071: UV-5R - Only first 25 memories retrieved
05:55 pm CHIRP Bug #3071: UV-5R - Only first 25 memories retrieved
Just figured that out literally 20 minutes ago :)
Question is, why wouldn't it default to showing all memories? On...
11:48 am CHIRP Bug #3071 (Closed): UV-5R - Only first 25 memories retrieved
I hope this isn't a duplicate but I didn't find anything through a search.
I just got a UV-5R during the club's "D...


04:13 pm CHIRP New Model #313: Alinco DR-635
Does this look like a reasonable first attempt to talk to the radio?...

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