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08:15 AM CHIRP Bug #3387: FT-2900E, can't get past header
Hi Marius!
I re-read your issue. I had the same trouble due to a broken cable. I eventually found out that I neede...
Daniel Clerc
08:00 AM CHIRP Bug #3387: FT-2900E, can't get past header
Hi Marius!
I've submitted a patch to fix that issue. Once it is intergrated, your issue will be solved. If you fee...
Daniel Clerc
07:55 AM CHIRP Bug #3567: FT1900 Failed to read header
Hi Mitch!
Sorry, for insisting on this: are you sure that the cable is working and that the connection is fine? Fr...
Daniel Clerc
07:50 AM CHIRP Bug #3553: Download doesn't work
Lieber Patrick!
Bitte bedenke, dass nicht alle hier Deutsch verstehen. Bitte füge die debug.log Datei zu Deinem Is...
Daniel Clerc
07:49 AM CHIRP Bug #3573: Yaesu ft2900r programming issue
Dear Ron!
Please add the debug.log file with your issue. Then maybe we can support you!
Daniel Clerc
07:47 AM CHIRP Bug #3571: YAESU FT-2900R-MARS MODDED

Dear Charles!
Please add the debug.log file. Then we can support you.
Daniel DC2ZP
Daniel Clerc

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