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10:25 am CHIRP Revision 2815:b1bb9285f4e1: [btech] Adding 2-Tone settings. Last part of #4051


05:36 am CHIRP Revision 2807:9d3de34ab51e: [btech] Add 5Tone and DTMF to all models of btech-driver. #4051
Thanks to Jim's clarifications and tests with several Models (http://intrepid.danplanet.com/pipermail/chirp_devel/201...


02:31 pm CHIRP Revision 2805:2d85f5711e46: Add TreeView into ScrolledWindow to prevent resize of window. #4209
02:12 pm CHIRP Bug #4209 (Closed): Window get larger than screen
As Jim mentioned in
http://intrepid.danplanet.com/pipermail/chirp_devel/2016-November/004348.html , if there are ma...


03:39 am CHIRP Revision 2804:a91c9641e0e8: [uv5r] Memorize extra-settings before erasing memory. Fix for UV-5R o...
Try two, with consistent naming of variables.


11:37 pm CHIRP Bug #3577: Chirp crash, PTT ID reset after change settings
Maybe http://chirp.danplanet.com/issues/4121 is a duplicate of this issue.


12:18 pm CHIRP Revision 2797:eb2212d95303: [btech] Add support for 5Tone-seetings. Contributes to #4051
Added support for all 5-Tone related settings provided by the QYT KT-8900R.
Only tested with KT-8900R - reports with ...


02:33 am CHIRP Revision 2794:2b56eb3d6651: [btech] Resetting mem-extra-settings only when editing previously emp...
Attempt to fix #4121 for the driver btech.py following Dan's proposal in http://intrepid.danplanet.com/pipermail/chir...


03:39 am CHIRP Bug #4121: QYT KT-8900R: Extra-Settings are reset on every change in the "regular" memory settings
Another finding: This only happens if the memory is edited in the table itselves.
If it is edited in the "General"-P...
02:41 am CHIRP Bug #4121: QYT KT-8900R: Extra-Settings are reset on every change in the "regular" memory settings
As I just noticed, this issue is not limited to the KT-8900R, it also occurs at least on the UV-5R as well.

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