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Chirp crash, PTT ID reset after change settings

Added by Chris Cunha over 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Hi guys,
I should have reported this a long time ago. It's been happening for over a year or more. I use the UV-82c and the UV-82, but this issue also exists on every model I've tested.

One of the requirements of our radio systems (at least for the repeater based systems) is the use of PTT ID (ANI) on the radios. This feature is used more as a timing device (to sync the radios with the system) rather than an ID. So using this feature is very important.

It's a compound issue. If an existing img file is loaded from any radio to modify it, any changes to the data (power level, freq, offset, etc) will reset the ANI/PTT ID setting to off. This feature is usually toggled back by using the Properties "button" at the top of the Chirps window or by right clicking on the data line (memory channel) and choosing Properties/Other tab. I also just realized that we are also enabling BCL (busy channel lockout) although this isn't necessary. I'll have to look into that as we don't need this BCL feature.

What I have found is nearly any change to a single line (memory) will reset ALL of the memory channels that had the PTT ID setting enabled. For some reason only the PTT ID seems to reset. All the other settings stay put. The worst part of this issue beside having to go through each memory channel to re-enable the PTT ID is Chirps will crash on every two to four (memory channels) attempts to re-enable it. This happens when clicking OK after changing the status of the PTT ID and BCL in the Properties window. Care must be taken to save the changes on each and every PTT re-enable because a crash WILL happen.



Updated by Michael Wagner almost 4 years ago

Maybe http://chirp.danplanet.com/issues/4121 is a duplicate of this issue.

Updated by Jim Unroe almost 4 years ago

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This isn't a solution to the problem, but if the PTT-ID is the same for multiple channels, you can edit them all at the same time. Just highlight all the memory rows that get the same setting/settings and then click the [Properties] button. Enable the setting/settings that you want to change, make the changes and click the [OK] button.


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