Bug #10116

No Response from radio

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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:Baofeng B888s



I have Baofeng 888s connected to my laptop with programming cable. B888s is turned on and connected. When i want to download from radio the software says: "no response from radio".
What do i have to do now? I triep another programming cable, but that one doesn't work either.


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You most likely have a working programming cable. It is a common problem. No programming software will be able to work until there is a complete and working connection between the radio and computer.

The majority of the time it is due to a programming cable with a Prolific type USB-to-Serial chip. The Prolific PL3202 type chip commonly used in the lower cost programming cables is considered EOL (end of life) my the manufacturer so support for them has been removed by the driver that is automatically installed by Windows or available from the chip vendor's website. What must be done is to download, install and select an older driver that still has the needed support. The most common version used for this is v3.2.0.0. A link for the driver and instructions for installing and selecting it are available here.

Not as common, but becoming more common, is low cost programming cables with the WCH CH340 chip. Windows often misidentifies this chip as a Prolific chip and installs the wrong driver. The Workaround it to install the latest driver from the chip vendor's website. The link mentioned above has a link to this chip vendor's driver download (and links for the other common USB-to-Serial chip vendor's drivers: Silicon Labs and FTDI).


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