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Yaesu VX170 unable to edit memory before radio is loaded

Added by Rin Coleridge 9 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Yaeus VX-170
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Able to download and upload but memory 1 does not load. When I try to edit and add memory 1, I receive an error "unable to edit memory before radio is loaded".


VX170 Chirp Error.png (67.1 KB) VX170 Chirp Error.png screenshot of error Rin Coleridge, 03/25/2023 09:33 PM
Yaesu_VX-170_20230325.img (6.1 KB) Yaesu_VX-170_20230325.img img file Rin Coleridge, 03/25/2023 09:36 PM (3.61 KB) 7a2d836a Dan Smith, 03/26/2023 08:39 AM
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Updated by Dan Smith 9 months ago

Can you tell me what tone mode is programmed into memory 1 according to the radio (or other software)?

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Updated by Dan Smith 9 months ago

Okay, I'm guessing maybe it is "EPCS" mode, based on the manual. Chirp can't really support that properly without a lot of work, but mapping it to "TSQL" mode makes sense I think. Here's an updated module for you to test. See LoadingTestModules for details.

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Updated by Dan Smith 9 months ago

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In case it wasn't clear, I was hoping for an acknowledgement of the tone mode and testing of the module, if possible. I'm holding up merging this into a release in hopes we can get that ack :)

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Updated by Rin Coleridge 9 months ago

Hi Dan, sorry for the delayed response. I had tried to just reply to the email alert and that bounced. on membor 1 it is 145.15 using DTCS tone with value 664

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Updated by Dan Smith 9 months ago

Hmm, okay that is not what I expected. Can you configure a DTCS channel in chirp and see what mode the radio thinks it's in?

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Updated by Rin Coleridge 9 months ago

I can try for the VX-170. If i don't get to it by tomorrow night, I'll be out of town and won't be able to get to this until 4/8.

I also have a Yaesu FT2D with this same channel configured in slot 1 which works just fine
Location Name Frequency Duplex Offset Tone rToneFreq cToneFreq DtcsCode DtcsPolarity RxDtcsCode CrossMode Mode TStep Skip Power Comment URCALL RPT1CALL RPT2CALL DVCODE
1 W6PW SFARC 145.15 - 0.6 DTCS 100 100 664 NN 664 Tone->Tone FM 5 5.0W

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Updated by Dan Smith 9 months ago

Yeah, it's definitely something with the VX-170. It has DTCS as tone mode 4, your image has tone mode 5 in that slot. So either the driver is wrong about mode 4, or mode 5 is "dtcs plus something else" or something.

I'll hold off until you can confirm, thanks!

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Updated by Rin Coleridge 8 months ago

hi Dan,
performed the upload of the freq with DCS 664 and radio set the mode to TSQL

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Updated by Dan Smith 8 months ago

...Okay, does that mean TSQL mode doesn't work? It would be very strange to have two values in memory to indicate TSQL mode... Is there another TSQL-like mode in the radio? Perhaps it actually selected TSQL-R (Yaesu calls this REV-TN mode). Or perhaps when you select TSQL in chirp, you get REV-TN on the radio?


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