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Baofeng UV-5R - I cannot save a duplex / split frequency

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Baofeng UV-5R
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I'm struggling with it for a few days now, I cannot save a TX frequency as stated in the FAQ.

I have a Baofeng UV5R. I try to add a TX frequency by setting Duplex to 'Split', then i add the frequency, for example:

RX 171.0900
TQ 136.5

That works flawless. When i then try to set Duplex to split, and add TX 166.4900 it sometimes takes the frequency, but when i save the .img and reload its back to Duplex (none) and 0.00000, sometimes it stays but when i upload the clone to my baofeng it's gone again.

Am i doing something wrong? Or is this a bug? Or doesn't my baofeng not support this?

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Updated by Jim Unroe almost 10 years ago

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I would highly recommend that if you are not using the latest CHIRP daily build for your UV-5R, you should upgrade. Recent firmware changes can cause issues with older CHIRP daily builds and the stable release.

When you make a selection from a list (such as the "split" setting for Duplex) be sure to press [Enter] or click onto another field to get the setting to "stick". If you don't do this, the setting may revert back to the previous setting.

The same goes for the TX frequency. After you key it in, click on another field to "set" it into the Offset column.

Another way would be to click on the memory to highlight it, then right-click on the same memory and select "Edit" in the dialog box that pops up. Then use this memory editor to make the settings changes.

A quick way to test to see if you have properly "set" the new values is to click the [Go] button (up near the top left of the spreadsheet memory editor). Doing this simulates uploading to the radio or saving to a file. If they stay, they were properly "set", if they don't stay, they weren't so do it again.

Don't be surprised when after pressing the [Go] button, CHIRP changes Duplex to "+" or "-" and Offset to the difference between the RX and TX frequencies. This is normal in some cases.


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