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Standard Horizon HX370S

Added by Brian Swearingen about 10 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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This is a race-type computer-required radio...can only be programmed via cable. CE68 is the only programming software I'm aware of, and it's specific to this radio...makes sharing .dat files a pain.

I've included a sample .dat file from my current radio, should that help.

The cable is the same one used with my Yaesu VX-6

KOH.dat (97.3 kB) Brian Swearingen, 05/29/2012 04:02 am

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Updated by Tom Hayward about 10 years ago

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This is blocked until a dev can get their hands on a radio. See Rules For Loaning A Radio if you have one you're willing to loan.

Updated by Paul Sladen about 9 years ago

I have an HX370S, brief notes are on:

The HX270 has an 8kB EEPROM, and the HX370 has a 16kB EEPROM. The first 64 bytes are not used, and then the model number appears at offset 0x40 (model number 0x10e 270, 0x172 370). The last two bytes at the end of the EEPROM also contain the model as some sort of sanity check.

The EEPROM size and layout vary between each series of Vertex/Standard Horizon radio, although they share a general theme in terms of layout. The actual EEPROM read/write (ACMD:002/#CMDSY/#CEPRD/#CEPWR) protocol /is/ the same across the Standard Horizon radios, but with newer radios running the serial port at higher-speeds. The protocol is described in:

It's a few months since I last had a stint on the HX370S, but from memory there are three banks of preset (127?) channels for the marine range, plus a single bank of 40 fully-programmable channels. The frequencies are fairly obvious and stored in kHz as BCD + 100MHz. I have an emulator for the Standard Horizon EEPROM protocol, which you can test against (without risking bricking the radios):

If you are running under Wine, this is usable as a COM part with eg.:

ln -s ~/.wine/dosdevices/com3 /tmp/fake-hx851

Since I haven't worked on it for a while, I'm happy to loan the HX370S to anyone else (ideally in the UK). As well as the EEPROM read/write mode, there is a radio-to-radio clone mode; although I didn't get around to reverse engineering this but I don't know if there's much immediate value given the direct EEPROM access.

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