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Would like to pay to have models added to CHIRP

Added by Steve Gonzalez over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

Status:Feedback Start date:02/10/2016
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Chirp Version:0.4.0 Equipment Loan Offered:No



There are several radio models that I would like to be able to program with CHIRP. Being able to cut and paste frequency lists (as I already do with several models) would be of significant benefit.

Below are the radios I'd like to be able to program with CHIRP:

HX370 Standard Horizon
HX400 Standard Horizon
VX2200 Vertex
VX6000 Vertex
F3011 Icom
F5021 Icom
TK790 Kenwood
TK7360 Kenwood
TK7160 Kenwood

As the title states, I am interested in paying to have this done. I can be reached directly at

Thanks in advance,

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Updated by Steve Gonzalez over 4 years ago

Apologies. I just saw the New Model Requests.

Regardless, any information would be helpful. I'll also follow procedure and make the official requests.


Updated by Tom Hayward over 4 years ago

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Hi Steve,

I believe it would be completely within your rights to enter into a contract with independent software developer(s) where they are paid to contribute code to Chirp on your behalf. You might ask on if any of the developers are interested in working out a deal with you.

Eventually, each of the radios you listed will need to have their own issue number. You can create New Model requests for each of them if you want to "own" that request.

Updated by Pavel Milanes over 4 years ago

Just a note, some of this model already have a New Model issue request.

Please do a search before starting a new thread to avoid duplicate issues.

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