Feature #2165

[UV-5R] Add Service Settings for Squelch

Added by Jim Unroe over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:01/05/2015
Priority:Normal Due date:
Assignee:Jim Unroe % Done:


Target version:0.5.0
Chirp Version:daily Model affected:UV-5R


At the ability to adjust the squelch threshold values.

Testing has indicated that this can greatly improve the squelch operation of the following Baofeng/Pofung radio models:

-UV-5R series (and variants) with BFB291 firmware and newer
-UV-82 series
-BF-F8HP (and variants)
-and possibly other Baofeng/Pofung radio models that are programmed using the uv5r.py driver.

Associated revisions

Revision 2316:23e5ffeab689
Added by Jim Unroe over 7 years ago

[UV-5R] Add Service Settings for Squelch

Create sturcture to expose settings
Add "Service Settings" menu
Add VHF and UHF Squelch settings


Revision 2366:5a17f1c24b38
Added by Jim Unroe over 7 years ago

[UV-5R] Update Service Settings for Squelch

Change the maximun setting value from 64 to 123.

Additional testing was done to determine the highest working value.



Updated by Hans PD0AC over 7 years ago

Only seems to work with recent versions of the UV-5R and its varieties. When reading two older radios, or their associated files (firmware BFB231 and BFB251), service settings don't even appear in the menu.

Hans PD0AC

Updated by Hans PD0AC over 7 years ago

Never mind, didn't missed the BFB291 part.


Updated by Jim Unroe over 7 years ago

Hi Hans,

Yes. Not doing this for the older radios was intentional.

The tests that I did using my UV-5R with BFB231 firmware seemed to indicate that the early radios get their squelch threshold settings from firmware (the settings in the CHIRP Radio Image file are ignored). The "aux" memory layout changed with the introduction of BFB291 firmware. That moved the squelch threshold settings in a different memory location. Making squelch threshold adjustments to a radio with BFB293 firmware was successful. So I made the assumption that the ability to make squelch threshold adjustments coincided with the memory layout change.


Updated by Jim Unroe over 7 years ago

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in daily build

Updated by Nikolay Kipnis over 7 years ago

UV-5R with BFS313 BFS297 firmware - changing of services settings seems to no effect on squelch sensitivity even with 123 level setting. N5r-213 BFB297 firmware working fine. CHIRP daily-20150210. Tests done by receiving radio without antenna and transmitting radio with dummy load attached from 3-5 meters.

Updated by Jim Unroe over 7 years ago


This feature either works or it doesn't work. It depends on the radio. And when it does work, it doesn't work the same on every radio.


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