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01:45 AM CHIRP Bug #3469: please help with this...
joseph par wrote:
> The upload was stopped because the firmware version of the image (N5R2407BFB297 ) does not match...
Hans PD0AC


06:43 AM CHIRP Bug #3385: Baofeng UV-5R5 will not load Chirp frequency table, and 5R5 transmits to UV-5R, but will not receive
Brian Evans wrote:
> Have 3 UV-5R's and they all work great with each other, using the loaded CHIRP frequency table....
Hans PD0AC
06:27 AM CHIRP Bug #3491 (Closed): Chirp install under Linux
As long as I can remember Chirp always ends up under the menu category "Other", while /usr/share/applications/chirp.d... Hans PD0AC


03:31 PM CHIRP Bug #2421: Can download but not upload to Gt-3 mark 3
Did you use the BF-F8HP definition? That should work; I have the same radio (GT-3TP aka Mark III)
Hans PD0AC
01:19 PM CHIRP New Model #2439 (Closed): Supported model: Baofeng FF-12P
And yes, Baofeng invented another model number: FF-12P. Tested today; this radio can be added to the list of supporte... Hans PD0AC


02:59 AM CHIRP Feature #2165: [UV-5R] Add Service Settings for Squelch
Never mind, didn't missed the BFB291 part.
Hans PD0AC
01:12 AM CHIRP Feature #2165: [UV-5R] Add Service Settings for Squelch
Only seems to work with recent versions of the UV-5R and its varieties. When reading two older radios, or their assoc... Hans PD0AC


12:55 PM CHIRP New Model #2133 (Closed): Supported model: Baofeng GT-3TP = BF-F8HP
The Baofeng GT-3TP (Triple Power) can be programmed using the existing support for the BF-F8HP.
No issues as far a...
Hans PD0AC


08:13 AM CHIRP New Model #2113 (Closed): Pofung / Baofeng GT-5
The Pofung GT-5 can be programmed with the existing support for the Baofeng UV-82. No issues found; so the GT-5 can b... Hans PD0AC


10:33 AM CHIRP New Model #1509: MAAS AHT-28-V (=TYT TH-F8)
Bernd Winter wrote:
> I believe this is the same device as UV-5R?
No, these are mono-band radios and identical to...
Hans PD0AC

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