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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:BF-F8HP


i have several Baofeng UV-5R which program in the normal way but when i purchased the BF-F8HP and went to create my clean image it said wrong model but if i put UV-5R as the model it downloaded from the radio ok and i imported the data from the other image and uploaded too the radio. since then i have noticed that it is now reporting as dual power not triple power and i wonder if the image was corrupted when i downloaded from the radio? it currently reports F5R2407 BFB297 and 150425N but when purchased i got a message similar to the attached screenshot and dont have the initial radio doownload (although i think this would not shed any more light) i do however have attached the first image i sent successfully to the radio albeit in uv5r mode. and at this point noticed the 3 power levels and scramble function as was previously found in the radios own menu system were now gone.

Screenshot 2015-11-09 05.53.53.png - closer to what i remember on the power up screen when first switched on (171.5 kB) richy rude, 11/08/2015 10:34 pm

bf-f8hp working 2-11-15.img - first image i sent to this radio (6.3 kB) richy rude, 11/08/2015 10:34 pm


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What you should include is the first file that you read from this radio and the debug.log file that you got when you tried reading it using the BF-F8HP model selection.

The attached "image" is from a radio with 3 power levels. If it came from your radio, your radio only has 2 power levels. If your radio has 3 power levels, the attached image must not be upload to a radio with 3 power levels.

So please download from your radio using the BF-F8HP model selection to create the error and attach the resulting debug.log file. How to report issues

Also download from your radio using the UV-5R selection and attach that image.

I'm pretty sure the issue is that your have a radio with only 2 power levels and CHIRP is working as it should.


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