Bug #3207

frequency is out of range

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Target version:0.5.0
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:UV-5R HERO


I have a Baofeng UV-5R and cannot use CHIRP to program any 70cm frequencies, I get an error saying the frequency is out of range. These frequencies were in my radio before using CHIRP so I know the radio will support them. I have CHIRP version CHIRP daily-20151020. Any help or suggestions?


Updated by Jim Unroe over 6 years ago

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Sounds like you either have a VHF/220 radio or you have a VHF/UHF radio that is identifying with an invalid "ident". So CHIRP is detecting your radio as a VHF/220 radio (can you key in 220 MHz frequencies?).

What is your firmware version (Settings -> Other Settings -> Firmware Message 1: and Firmware Message 2:)? The firmware version can reveal the true ability of your radio.

If it a matter of an invalid "ident", you can "fix" this with the OEM VIP software. Or you can make a fresh download, save it as a CHIRP Radio Images (*.img) file and email it to me (click my name for the email address). I will be able to determine what type of radio you have and advise you about what to do next.


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