Bug #3303

UVB5 Programming issue

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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:Baofeng UV-B5


When programming tones for the UVB5 the program will not save the tones that you set, it randomly rests them to 88.5 and changes tsql to tones, ive downloaded the latest build, i can set everything the way i want it and when i save the file and reopen the tones are all jumbled up again. The tones i am trying to program are 82.5 and 171.3, it changes them to 88.5 and leaves some correct and changes others. Very frustrating.


Updated by Jim Unroe almost 7 years ago


This is most likely user error. I recently explained how to correctly choose and then select settings when using Windows in issue 3243

Also, the columns that are used are dependent on the Tone Mode that is chosen. If you change the value of an unused column, it will revert back to the default value (88.5).

For example:

Tone Mode = Tone only uses the Tone column, the ToneSql is ignored
Tone Mode = TSQL only uses the ToneSql column, the Tone column is ignored

Click View in the menu bar and then enable "Hide unused fields" and this will be more obvious.

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