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Chirp Version:0.4.0 Platform:Windows
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Program was working fine, loaded 4 different radios and then when i was going to program the last one (bf-888s) i plugged in the radio to the cable and it BSOD the computer. Win 7 Pro, up to date. Chirp has been running great no issues. Restarted the computer, and chirp will not run. defraged, cleaned registry, uninstalled chirp cleaned reg again, re downloaded chirp again, it will install fine but it will not run. When double clicked it spins its gears and then does nothing, like i never even clicked it. please advise if you can. thanks!


Updated by Jim Unroe over 6 years ago

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My guess is that your "chirp.config" file got corrupted when your computer went BSOD. The "chirp.config" is in the same folder as the "debug.log" file. So use the instruction on this How to report issues page to find the folder and either remove or rename the "chirp.config" file. Then launch CHIRP and it will create a new one.


Updated by R R over 6 years ago

Jim, Thank you! Worked first try! Great Software, will contemplate donating soon! Thanks again for your time!

Updated by Dan Smith over 6 years ago

Also note that an application like chirp is not capable of BSOD'ing your computer. If it was, then Windows would not be doing its job.

What /is/ capable of doing that, however, is the driver for your USB-to-serial cable. 100% of system instability problems that people report against chirp are actually due to their serial drivers, especially when those drivers are from counterfeit overseas manufacturers. It's a huge problem. People experience it while using chirp, because chirp asks the driver to open the serial port, the driver does something wrong, and poof, system crashes.

Just some info -- hope it helps.

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