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TYT TH-7800 vhf/uhf dual band

Added by Jim Jones over 6 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Equipment Loan Offered:No


I downloaded the latest Chirp to see if it had the ability to program a new radio. Nothing was listed. This a 2m/440 dual band transceiver. Made by
Quanzhou TYT electronics Co, China. They provided a cable and drivers but no software to talk to it. I was hoping 'Chirp' would work but it's
not listed. I did get after pulling teeth a file with the wiring diagrams, hard to read but you can zoom in to see. There website is or Looking for info on how to program this radio and to use the data port, which they provide no info what so ever about the data port.
This is the first time on the this site.

th_7800_read_op.txt - Radio read operation dump (524.9 kB) Nathan Crapo, 05/11/2016 08:58 pm

th_7800_write_op.txt - Radio write operation dump (392.3 kB) Nathan Crapo, 05/11/2016 08:58 pm

TYT_TH-7800.img (63.8 kB) Nathan Crapo, 06/22/2016 09:52 pm

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duplicated by New Model #3105: TYT TH-7800 Rejected 12/30/2015

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Revision 2717:f4121dd2147b
Added by Nathan Crapo over 6 years ago

Adding support for TYT TH-7800. Fixes #3477.

Revision 2725:8b3d55b06285
Added by Dan Smith over 6 years ago

Add TYT TH-7800 test image

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Updated by Nathan Crapo over 6 years ago

Adding radio read and write operation dumps taken with Serial Port Monitor 6. Using Windows 7 system with the TYT TH-7800 application (version ?? 2.0.7).

Updated by Nathan Crapo over 6 years ago

I copied the driver to and made minor modifications. It seems to be work quite well on my radio. I still plan to verify all the settings, frequency ranges and such. I'm only going to have access to this radio for a couple more weeks.

Plan to contact developers of the original driver to see where I should go from here. Seems like the 7800 driver should only define the things that differ from the 9800 instead of duplicating everything. I'm a big DRY (don't repeat yourself) fan. Maybe the 7800 and 9800 should inherit from a common TYT base class and only override the handful of things that differ. I will solicit feedback from others more familiar with the project. Can submit a patch if that's where I need to go next.

CHIRP sure is a lot nicer than the TYT application. The TYT application is very limited and unpolished.

Updated by Nathan Crapo over 6 years ago

Adding test image so the driver is included in the test suite.

Updated by Bernhard Hailer almost 3 years ago

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Appears to be complete.

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