Bug #3995

chirp-daily-20160906 - UV-5X3 image Settings tab shows no fields or data

Added by Ken Cormack about 6 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:09/06/2016
Priority:Normal Due date:
Assignee:Jim Unroe % Done:


Target version:0.5.0
Chirp Version:daily Platform:All
Model affected:BTECH UV-5X3


Under this version of CHIRP, the "Settings" tab shows no data or fields of any kind. This problem is seen loading the last saved image, downloading the image from the radio, and with the original factory I saved on the day I received the radio. The settings tab shows expected data and fields for my other radios. The problem only occurs with the UV-5X3. All the data on the "Memories" tab is fine. Also, the previous version of CHIRP from the day before, worked fine.

debug.log (27.6 kB) Ken Cormack, 09/06/2016 11:19 am

Capture.JPG (21.3 kB) Ken Cormack, 09/06/2016 11:25 am

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Revision 2768:1cdb5cfe1d38
Added by Jim Unroe about 6 years ago

[UV-5X3] Fix Out-of-Range Settings

The factory neglected to set 2 settings with valid values in the production
radios which caused CHIRP to fail with an out-of-range condition.

This patch adds bounds checking so that if these settings have out-of-range
values, they are set to the same default values as the pre-production radios.

Bug #3995


Updated by Ken Cormack about 6 years ago

The attached screen shot shows what I am seeing.

Updated by Ken Cormack about 6 years ago

Additional info - As this is Windows 10, it was suggested the chirp.conf file may have become corrupted, so I deleted it, but no change in symptom.

Updated by Jim Unroe about 6 years ago

  • Assignee set to Jim Unroe

The factory neglected to set values for 2 settings on the production radios causing the setting tabs to not show up. A patch to overcome this issue will be submitted in a few minutes.

One workaround to get by until the next daily build is released would be to install the previous CHIRP daily build (it does not have support for the setting that is bad from the factory).


Updated by Ken Cormack about 6 years ago

Yep. Have already rolled back to previous build, pending resolution to this issue. Thanks, Jim!

Updated by Jim Unroe about 6 years ago

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Patch submitted.


Updated by Bernhard Hailer over 2 years ago

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