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Yaesu FTM-3200DR

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Status:Closed Start date:12/03/2016
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Chirp Version:daily Equipment Loan Offered:No


from the Operating Manual:

Features of this radio
- 144 MHz mobile radio, equipped with a C4FM digital communication modem
- 65 Watts of power output, with selection of three power levels for every operating situ-
- Clear audio and data communication is achieved using the digital modem functions
- Expanded receiver coverage: 136-174 MHz
- Keyboard entry of operating frequencies from the microphone
- 220 memories (199 “basic” memory channels, 10 sets of band-edge memory chan-
nels, and one “Home” channel) which can store repeater shifts, odd repeater shifts,
CTCSS/DCS tones, and 8-character Alpha-Numeric labels for easy channel recogni-
- 10 NOAA Weather Broadcast Channels, with Weather Alert and a Volume Control for
the Weather Alert tone
- Built-in CTCSS and DCS Encoder/Decoder circuits
- Extensive Menu system, which allows customization of a number of transceiver perfor-
mance characteristics
- Equipped with the GM (Group Monitor) function.
Additional features include a transmit Time-Out-Timer (TOT), Automatic Power-Off (APO),
and Automatic Repeater Shift (ARS). Also included is an RF Squelch circuit that allows
the owner to set the squelch to open at a programmed setting of the S-Meter, thus reduc-
ing guesswork in setting the squelch threshold. (6.4 kB) Andrew Coursen, 01/10/2017 07:45 pm

Yaesu_FTM-3200D_R.img - test image for tests/images (63.7 kB) Wade Simmons, 05/24/2017 06:59 am

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Revision 2893:7c0d6231a44b
Added by Wade Simmons over 3 years ago

[FTM-3200D] Add support for Yaesu FTM-3200D

This patch adds basic CHIRP support for programming the FTM-3200D. This radio
shares most of its memory layout with the FT1D, so it has been created as a
subclass of that radio.



Updated by Andrew Coursen about 4 years ago

I started on this a while back but didn't get that far with it. I'm attaching what I did do just in case someone else wants to work on it.

Updated by Wade Simmons about 4 years ago

I'm starting to look at this as a way of learning how Chirp works. Andrew, I was able to use your work in progress to download the image. While inspecting it, I've found that the image for the FTM-3200DR appears to share many memory locations with the FT1D. In fact, the image for the FTM-3200DR even has memory bank names stored at the same memory location as the FT1D even though the FTM-3200DR doesn't support memory banks. The memory and flags array also start the same locations. This means we might be able to speed up development by re-using a lot of the FT1D file.

I'll continue investigating this but I don't want to hold anyone back as I'm still learning the Chirp internals.

Updated by Tom Hayward about 4 years ago

If you can reuse the FT1D code without duplicating anything (maybe through inheritance), that is prefered.

Updated by Wade Simmons almost 4 years ago

It looks like we should be able to subclass FT1D and share a lot of code. You can follow along or test the work in progress here (I will format as 1 patch when its ready to submit):

I am going to be away from my FTM-3200DR for about 3 weeks so I'm not going to get much progress done for a bit. I have a couple image dumps though so I might try to work on tests or other things during that time.

Updated by Wade Simmons almost 4 years ago

I've started to resume my work on this. I have successfully downloaded an image from the radio and re-uploaded it without errors so I have gotten over that hump.

Updated by Brandon Stockard over 3 years ago

Wade Simmons, I had the MARS mod done to my radio and lost all memory on the rig. It will no longer link to the original program via cable. I hope this version you are working on works!

Updated by Wade Simmons over 3 years ago

Attaching the test image to be added into the repo.

Updated by Wade Simmons over 3 years ago

I have submitted initial basic support for this radio to chirp_devel. I have only implemented memory channels and have not implemented the general settings for this radio yet. I wanted to get an initial version in and then I can submit a patch later for the settings tab.

Updated by Wade Simmons over 3 years ago

It looks like the patch has been merged in and is part of the LATEST release (20170526). If anyone tries it out let me know if you have any issues or make a new ticket.

Updated by Wade Simmons over 3 years ago

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Released with 20170526

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